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6 Types of Insurance for Commercial Real Estate Investors

Commercial Real Estate Investors
Gabe Gonzales      -

6 Types of Insurance for Commercial Real Estate Investors


We as clients get lost in the world of real estates where everything seems to be fancy, and if you are not clear with your choices, you might end up losing your money for some property which is not worth its price. Some companies can cheat you by giving bad advice and making you believe that a property is right and make you buy the property at a cost which is much higher than its actual worth.

Commercial Real Estate Investors

Thus it is always good to have insurance before you can invest in a property. So if in case anything happens you will not have to worry about losing all your money. The insurance you had got will have it all covered up depending on the terms and conditions.

The following are some of the insurances you can get before you invest in a property:

  • Loss of income insurance.
  • Terrorism Insurance.
  • Liability coverage.
  • Flood Insurance.
  • Workers Compensation.
  • Builder’s risk insurance.

Loss of income insurance:

This insurance can get claimed if you are a landlord and you do not have the income you expected or if you do not get the revenue of the property’s worth. During these situations, an owner can claim loss of revenue insurance. The Loss of income can also get requested when the landlords do not get rental money due to vacant rooms.

Terrorism Insurance:

If you happen to run a commercial building and it is affected by a terrorist, then you can claim this protection. Many small commercial property buildings might not have this insurance. But if you happen to run a big commercial place then it is advisable to get this insurance to be on the safer side.

Liability coverage:

Liability coverage can get claimed when the property owner gets sued for a matter which is related to the property. The insurance covers all the legal costs and payouts. Say for example if you are caught up in any legal issues which relate to the property you have bought or the agent or the company who sold you the property then you can claim the liability insurance.

Flood Insurance:

The flood insurance gets claimed if your property is affected by flood or located in flood designated zone which is prone to get hit by floods. You must be very bright with understanding the terms and conditions of the flood insurance. You must know if the flood insurance gets claimed if there is an external calamity or if it even can be requested if there is flooding caused due to water leakage from the pipes.

Workers Compensation:

The employee’s compensation insurance taken in cases where you happen to have lots of employees and if some of the workers happen to get hurt or injured during the work process; this can usually happen when you have workers working to construct a building. When you claim this insurance, the affected employees can get medical benefits, and in return, you don’t get charged with any legal issues.

Builder’s risk insurance:

Builder’s risk insurance is similar to Workers Compensation where the workers get hurt while working on the property then he can claim the insurance.


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